津軽半島冬景色 198017日〜11


Tsugaru Peninsula winter scene  1980.1.711


津軽半島冬景色 198017日〜11











Tsugaru Peninsula winter scene  1980.1.711

I like Winterreise.

Departure from Ueno 2356  JR Tohoku Main Line " Express HAKKODA 58"; and "the night travel express train" which arrives at Aomori Station of the terminal tomorrow morning at about half past 9. It is the train which I always use for the trip of the northern country.

Because only around 10 people got on one vehicle, I was able to use the box seat of four credit alone. Because I work, it is cold, and there is not the heating I put a rucksack as a substitute for a pillow, and to lie with a body as an L character type. A sound called "Kankan" of the vibration of a train sounding "rattle-rattle" and the takeoff to occasionally hear provokes comfortable sleepiness.  

By the hum of the station it dawns, and to stop at, I wake up. And I begin getting off preparations when it is past 9:00 a.m.  

The East route which I get off with Minmaya station via JR Tsugaru line Kanida station from Aomori Station in Tsugaru Peninsula, and aim at the tip of Tsugaru Peninsula by bus from there.  

And, in the route toward the center of Tsugaru Peninsula, Goshogawara station gets off in JR Gonou line, and go to the Tsugaru Goshogawara station of the Tsugaru railroad on foot; a route to Tsugaru Nakazato of the terminal.

In addition, on Tsugaru railroad, a famous stove train runs during winter and is very warm. When there is it near, I become hot.  

 I aimed at the tip of Tsugaru Peninsula which I saw of Tsugaru Strait first.

I fall at three stable stations which are the terminal of the JR Tsugaru line and I wait for approximately 1 hour and get on a bus and take the inn at getting off, an Okuya hotel nearby in a terminal.
This small hotel was guided in the room where he stayed in in the hotel where The print of the Shiko Munakata of the woodblock artist stayed in.

The print of the Shiko Munakata was displayed in the small room, and the atmosphere was distinguished.
I carried a camera on my shoulder, and I took a walk while it snowed on the next morning and finished doing it.

The cloud of the lead color that I did than the weather hung down, becoming dull lies, and slanting snow hits my face, and the strong wind that seems to be blown off blows it. Straight solar light occasionally comes in through the break of the cloud. Shining Hokkaido looks white by the light on the opposite bank of Tsugaru Strait. This scene is the scenery which is severe beautifully of the Tsugaru district of the winter.

And I stepped on the Tsugaru railroad toward the middle of the peninsula, and I took a walk the next day. In Kanagi Station of the Tsugaru railroad, birthplace "SYAYOUKAN" of Osamu Dazai of the writer is open now as a hotel.  

I stayed overnight at SYAYOUKAN and aimed at Jusanko Lakes and the Kodomari town of the Sea of Japan side.

<三厩駅舎待合室 Minmaya ST.>


<竜飛 Tappi>



<太宰治 文学碑>



<竜飛岬から竜飛港・帯島を望む>             <手前木の柵が、階段国道R339>

<小泊 Kodomari>



<五所川原 Gosyogawara>



<津軽鉄道 ストーブ列車>


<太宰治の生家 斜陽館(金木町>