Auschwitz Museum




アウシュヴィッツ博物館(ポーランド)  2010年12月18日






I got an opportunity to go to the Polish Auschwitz asylum and visited the historic spot of "compulsion / an extinction asylum" made by Nazi Germany.

The part that Nazi Germany included Oswiecimiu City in Poland after invasion in this concentration camp in September, 1939 was added to the part of German Third Empire. Nazi changed the name of the city in "Auschwitz".  

It was established to take a Polish political offender in 1940 and was going to use it as a place of the Polish slaughter, but has begun to send a Jew of not only the Pole but also each mainly gradually European nationality and a Gypsy and a captive of the Soviet Union force to here. A prisoner had a Czech / Jugoslav / the French / an Austrian and the German, too.

This institution was a labor camp to let political offense prisoners work as work force at the start, but I sorted a sick person / an old man / a physically handicapped person / the insane who did not deserve to be work force and have begun to dispose.

I became the greatest Jewish extinction center fielder slowly from 1942. And Auschwitz became global  holovaust , genocide, a human body test site.

The double barbed-wire entanglements which drained a high-voltage current, an accommodation ridge every by countries, "a wall of the death" which shot the prisoner of thousands of people to death, the gibbet which performed group hanging, a bag of a large quantity of numerical prisoners, shoes, clothes, a life article, the exhibition of harvested hair are at a loss for words when I pass the gate of the asylum which is raised when used freely if I work".

And the incinerator that 350 bodies were cremated on gas chamber, 1st when I performed the bloodbath that is the symbol of the extinction asylum still stays