Ohka park






 1944年(昭和19年)4月に海軍航空隊神之池基地(現、住友金属工業 鹿島製鉄所敷地)が開設された。その後、第721航空隊と改称され、721部隊は百里原海軍航空隊基地で特別攻撃隊「雷神部隊」として結成されて、若い航空兵達がこの地で特攻機「桜花」の訓練を重ねた。
 主要寸法:高さ4.4m 間口:15.3m 奥行」:13.0m コンクリート構造(厚さ25〜70cm)


 私はこの地を訪れ、掩体壕の中にある特攻機「桜花」復元機を目の当たりにし当時の社会、戦争の大義の為に若者たちを失ったことが残念でならない。予科練出身者も多いと聞く、10代の若者、当時の教育がそうさせたのであるが、それをさせたのは、軍でもなければ天皇でもない。国民が社会がそうさせたのだ。 特攻=自爆攻撃、今でもどこかで起きている自爆テロ。若しかしたらルーツは日本かもしれない。

<Kashima Navy Air Corps Kohnoike Base>
 In April 1944, the former Naval Air Forces Kohnoike Base (the current site of the Sumitomo Metals Kashima Iron Works) was established.

After that, it was renamed as the 721th Air Corps, and the 721 Corps was formed as a special attack unit "Raimingu Units" at the Hyakurihara Naval Air Station base, where young airmen trained in the special attack aircraft "Ohka" It was heavy.

< Cover trench hangar>
The hangar to protect the lowered type 1 land aggressive airplanes and zero fighters, etc. from which Ohka is hung under the body in this base from enemy's  maraud (cover trench).
The restoration machine by which only a hangar is "Ohka" while this place is left, is also exhibited at present.
The main dimensions: Height 4.4m   Width :15.3m   The depth": 13.0m  Concrete structure (thickness 25-70cm).

<Kamikaze "cherry blossom Ohka>
 A high-speed glider of the one-passenger by the rocket propulsion which filled the front part of the airplane with a bomb, a manned rocket bomb.  A prototype is completed in September, 1944.

Ohka is carried as a mother lander with a type 1 land attack aircraft suspended under its fuselage. 
In the vicinity of the enemy unit, the crew member rides in the "cherry blossom Ohka" from the mother, moves away from the mother machine at a distance of 10,000 meters and a minimum altitude of 3000 meters, fires the rocket, and attacks the enemy fleet.

According to the record, Ohka 16 aircraft and 30 supporting fighter aircraft suspended from a set of ground attacking aircraft on March 21, 1945 launched a special exercise towards the American mob forces attacking Okinawa from Kanoya base in Kagoshima prefecture.
However, the thunder god led by Captain Nonaka got off to the violent interception of American military aircraft, withdrew Ohka but retreated in tens of minutes, 160 people were killed and the battle was zero.




Ohka park in Ibaraki prefecture